Ralph Information Services

Provider of Data Services and Maths Tuition, based in LS18 postcode, Leeds, England

Ralph Information Services (RIS) provide services in two specific areas - Data Services and Maths/IT Tuition.

I am based in the LS18 area of Leeds. For information on my rates and areas covered please refer to my Rates page

Services Offered

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  • Maths GCSE - assistance or full tutoring
  • Building confidence in number skills
  • IT Skills - Getting to know your PC, MS Excel, MS Access
  • Recently started tutoring an A-Level Maths student. Its been fun, and its all come back to me easily!

Data Services

  • Create and Present Spreadsheets
  • Analyse your Data to answer specific questions
  • Database Design
  • Website Design and Creation

Elsewhere on this site

Other pages on this site will give a few fun things relating to both my interests; Maths puzzles and examples of just what you can do with data - with and without my help!

But please be patient - the site is new and extra pages of interest will be added over time


When it looks like I'm called Chris

RALPH - Or Resource and Lesson Plan Helper - is the web based application I have been building since I moved into Web Design last year. Right now I am building the last piece of functionality from my initial design. Then there will be a testing phase. When it's nearer to completion I will provide some more details here.